Scott Hall Speaks On His Career, Helping Young Talent & Performing In Front Of Long Island Fans


WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall spoke with about his upcoming appearance at FTW’s “Spring Break Your Neck” at 5pm EST today. Hall spoke on his friendship with Kevin Nash and how he(Hall) helps young talent, briefly on his career, returning to the area where the infamous “Curtain Call” happened with The Clique and the differences between an MSG Crowd & a Long Island crowd:

Here are the highlights:

On His Career:

“At this point in my career, I really enjoy hanging out with the young guys, watching their matches, watching their interviews and giving them my feedback and you don’t have to ask me twice to make an appearance with my buddy Kev.”

On Kevin Nash & Helping Young Talent:

“We’ll sit there and watch a match together and see a young guy make the same mistake we would have made in years past. And we just look at each other like, ‘Which one of us is going to talk to him when he comes back?’ Who’s going to grab this guy when he comes through the curtain and say, ‘Hey, kid, what were you thinking out there?’ Because that’s what guys did to me. You don’t get any better unless you’re around guys who know more than you and I’m one of those guys who can’t keep my mouth shut anyway.”

On Fans At MSG Vs. Fans In Long Island:

“Fans in Madison Square Garden are a little bit hipper, but they are more vocal. It’s like, ‘Hey, you work for me, bro. I bought this ticket. Now get out there and entertain me.’ I found the fans at the Coliseum at Nassau to be a little more suburban, not so hostile. It’s kids and stuff and I remember there being some great diners right outside the arena parking lot.”

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