​Scott Steiner Blasts Former WWE Writer Brian Gerwitz & More – Video


WhatCulture.com recently did an interview with former WWE, WCW and TNA Superstar Scott Steiner. During the interview, Steiner ripped former head-WWE creative team writer Brian Gerwitz.

When Steiner was asked if wrestlers had their power taken away with the current creative team process, he said: “Oh f–k, without a doubt. Back in the day when Macho Man and guy did their own interviews and everything. Now it’s a bunch of cookie cutters. Now you have 2-3 writers writing interviews for everyone. You have Brian Gewirtz, a little midget who probably never got any (expletive) in his life and he’s trying to tell people how to be cool. Give me a f–king break.”


You can watch the video interview below:

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