Scott Steiner Continues Trashing TNA Executives – Details


Scott Steiner, who parted ways with TNA Wrestling two weeks ago, has continued to fire off messages on his Twitter account trashing his former employer’s brain trust, particularly Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard. He says TNA is sinking under their watch and their tactics have instilled fear among employees. “Big Poppa Pump” also sounds off on TNA not acknowledging the ratings success of Indian based promotion Ring Ka King, the Abyss brother storyline, Garett Bischoff, cutting costs in catering and more. Steiner says:

With all the media coverage via U tube, and the 40 billboards of me thruout India covering Ring ka King

Isnt it strange that Tna mentiond very little about it thats bcuz Pritchard hogan n bitchoff

Were pissd bcuz it did so well drawing 14 mill viewers n they had nothin to do with it

U couldnt talk about it at the office or tweet about it.THINK ABOUT THAT! We went to India for Tna but Tna did very lil coverage of it

Bcuz these idiots were p*ssed they had nothing to do with the success of they tried to bury the ppl who went over there

They tried to bury me they imediately startd beating morgan,they couldnt bury Magnus bcuz

They had sent him home when they first came in,so they startd using him bcuz nxt trip to India

They’ll say he cant go ..Magnus is 25 yrs he can talk,wrestle and he looks great why would they send him home for about a year

Oh,yeah bcuz Garrett is 28 yrs has had less than 10 matches has great sideburns cant throw a clothline

And is the future of wrestling Fuck! But the guy they r burying the worst is abyss.f*cking why!

They made him take off his mask cut his hair n walk around sayin he is abyss’s brother

Which makes everybody look stupid,like we dont know what abyss looks like,what he never took off his mask

Why…abyss has bn there from the begining n is a nice guy…but they just f*ck with everybody bcuz they r assholes

As soon as these as*holes took over they built up a barrier where u could no longer talk to dixie u had to talk Bruce

We all thought pritchard is a prick n didnt want to talk to him.but those who tried to contact dixie either got ignored or reprimended

Not sure how pritchard hogan n bitchoff convinced dixie to turn her back on the ppl who built up Tna

And listen to the 3 j*ckoffs that are sinking Tna..wrestling has always bn about ratings ratings ratings

Ratings are like a scoreboard,there isnt one coach that looks at the scoreboard at the end of the game

And wonders who won..and since these guys came to tna the ratings suckd and still do !!!!!!

So was is it so hard to figure out who is the problem

Since they came in ratings are down but costs are up,so to cuts cost in other areas to pay for these worthless ratings killers

They cut the money for catering and we startd using paper plates n plastic.f*cking crazy!!!!

Pritchard hogan n bitchoffs tactics were to make everyboby job scared by fn with everybody and turnd tna into a zoo a circus

And just like every good circus u have clowns n midgets ……:..

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