Scott Steiner Counter-Sues TNA Wrestling


Partial Source: Pwinsider

Scott Steiner has filed a counter-suit in response to the lawsuit filed against him by TNA. As previously reported, TNA filed suit against Steiner in June for breach of contract, saying that Steiner breached said contract (which had expired at that point) when he made remarks against TNA, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, among others, and sought damages as well as an injunction against Steiner to keep him from making further comment.

Steiner’s counter-suit, filed on the 10th of this month, claims that TNA breached the contract by failing to provide a contractually-obliged accounting of royalty payments, failing to provide statements of all merchandise and video royalties and failed to pay all royalties due. Steiner requested compensation in a “yet to be determined amount.”

Steiner said in his filing that he never agreed not to speak against the company; thus, speaking out could not breach his contract. He also denied being involved in an effort to disparage TNA or its executives and noted that his contract expired and he never accepted a new contract. He wants the lawsuit against him dismissed and requested a jury trial should it go that far.

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