Scott Steiner Goes Off On Hulk Hogan & TNA


Scott Steiner, who parted ways with TNA Wrestling last week, posted numerous messages on Twitter Thursday slamming his formerly employer’s brain trust, particularly Hulk Hogan. He also alleges that TNA controls Sting’s account on the microblogging site.


* When these assholes got control they tried to takeover everybodys twitter page

* u didnt have twitter they made one up for U…so u people who think yur tweeting sting its not him

* He told me he doesnt watch the hes not tweeting about a show he doesnt watch

* Evrybody refused to sign over twitter so every wk u get an email begging u to twitter what they want

* Got one today,Please tweet this;Hogan take over as GM wonder what he will do…WTF really

* Even if u r not on show Please the booking team of pritchard bischoff n hogan wont book U want u to tweet about hogan

* Tweet about yurself hogan nobody else wants to tweet about u u fucking mark

* Im tweeting what they wish they could

* Wondeting what hogans going to do…hmmmm…hes a fn mark so hes going to make a couple of matches that ppl want to see

* Nothing more unprofessional than a heel wanting to be cheered

* So ppl cheer him which pissd everybody off especially sting bcuz he had to wrestle him

* Have the future of wrestling garrett do something bcuz eric told him to in booking meeting….what a fucking joke

* Now hes good but hes going to everything like he did when he was bad bcuz he was first good

* And that produced the worst ratings ever so he went bad which was just as bad as when he was good

* Then his bad wasnt any good bcuz his ratings still sucked so he turnd back to good from bad

* Wtf y’all get his bullshit ….dont forget to say BROTHER ..bcuz its fresh

* Stupid mofo

* Remember deny u had anything to do with the release of the sex tape to try n get more sales

* How kardashian of u….Homomania running wild..his shit writes itself

* His w

* His ex-wife said he was gay right!!!..hhmmm who brought in Orlando Jordan

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