Scott Steiner On His Hatred For Jeremy Borash, Talks What Will His Status With Impact Be Following Slammiversary XV – More


As covered here on eWn, Scott Steiner partook in a media conference call to promote the upcoming Slammiversary XV PPV on July 2nd. RealSport101 posted a few of the questions that their respondent asked of Steiner during the call.

Here are a few of the responses they received from “Big Poppa Pump”:


Steiner’s Hatred For Jeremy Borash:

“It’s not a deep-rooted thing, I mean, I’m not just gonna look at the butterball and be all dandy. When I do my interviews I speak the truth, I hate fat asses. Jeremy has put on some weight and it’s disturbing so, I mean it’s not deep rooted, but I just wanna b***h slap him. That’s about how much hate it is.”

Steiner’s Thoughts On Impact Acquiring GFW:

“Everything’s better from here on out. Getting a lot of things together, getting all these great talents around the world and I think everything’s looking good for moving forward for Impact Wrestling. It’s a great thing.”

His Status With Impact Wrestling Following Slammiversary XV:

“I haven’t had talks on anything past Slammiversary. If somebody wants to hire me again to beat somebody up that they don’t like, whether that be in the Impact Zone or elsewhere, I’m open to suggestions. Call me up and I’ll beat somebody up.”

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