Scott Steiner Is Still Not A Fan Of Hulk Hogan


Scott Steiner appeared on the “Sportsline” show on Newschannel5 Plus in Nashville, TN yesterday to promote a Family Fun Run sponsored by Shoney’s Restaurant and the Nashville Police. The event is supposed to encourage positive interaction with the Police and good nutrition for the kids. This is the fourth year Scott has been involved. Steiner was in full shoot mode, joking about being a “bad guy”, acting humble and generally being positive about working with the kids. He was not being “Big Poppa Pump” during the appearance.

Coming back from a break, the host asked Scott about his issues with Hulk Hogan. Scott turned slightly serious and said “I can’t talk about Hulk, he tried to have me arrested for talking about him. I’ll just say he wears the right color, Yellow.” The host commented that Hogan, “might not like that”. Scottie says, “It doesn’t matter. He knows, he knows.”

This is a local access show seen by a few thousand people around the region. It was just so odd to see Scott out of character but still carrying on this grudge.

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