Scott Steiner Makes Cameo Appearance On Judge Steve Harvey Show


Scott Steiner popped up on Judge Steve Harvey in a surprise appearance on the ABC show. As seen below, the wrestling legend and soon to be WWE Hall of Famer made an appearance as a witness for a case.

Wrestling Inc reports Steiner was defending indy promoter Ronnie Gossett, who was being sued for $5,000 in unpaid appearance fees by Johnny Fairplay who alleged that Gossett refused to pay him for two cancelled independent shows in 2021.

According to the site, Steiner said:

“I’m Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner, and I’ve worked for Ron many times. I’ve got Ronnie’s back on this one. I worked on three of his shows, the first one got cancelled, and the second one got rained out. This happens in other sports such as football, baseball and golf; I mean, he can’t control the weather. And for the third show, I was paid in full … Johnny needs to stop being a little b***h. If you don’t like it, wrestle me for the money!”

Harvey ruled in favor of the plaintiff in the case.

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