Scott Steiner On The Current WWE Product & Why He Does Not Like It


Rodolfo Roman recently spoke with Scott Steiner at the Florida Supercon event and here are the highlights: 

The Current WWE Product: “That PG s–t is hard to watch. It doesn’t make sense. You got South Park serving up a storm. You got all these shows. Wrestling was the first natural reality show. We created that genre. That was reality TV live. It started with RAW in the Manhattan Center.”


Why He Never Got The Chance To Wrestle The Rock: “I wrestled everyone. The first time I went to the WWE back in 2003 I wanted to go against The Rock. That never happened. He is one of the top guys of all time. The box office shows that. He was one of the most talented wrestlers there is. That’s the one guy I wanted to start off with. Vince brought all of the WCW guys up but basically Vince basically treated us like s–t…treated us all the same. But they destroyed everything… me Goldberg, Nash were all treated the same way.”

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