Scott Steiner Shoots On Hulk Hogan


As noted, Scott Steiner partook in a media call yesterday to promote the upcoming Slammiversary XV PPV on Sunday. During the call, Steiner was asked a plethora of questions including; his thoughts on his former Impact Wrestling co-employee, Hulk Hogan. Steiner did not hesitate to share his thoughts on the Hulkster.

Check it out:


“Well I had to get a, you know, I had my lawyer call the police department because he tried to get me arrested for assault. You know, threatened his life, I mean, you know that’s a serious, that carries 15-20 years and of course WWE takes the word of a racist. You know and puts my picture all over the entrances like I’m going to go there. You know, so, no, nothing ever came of it. Other than the fact that, you know, Hogan shows what a coward he really is. Lucky it happened at an airport where it had all the cameras so, you know, it was easy to prove my innocence.”

“That guy, Hogan, he’s racist. All you’ve got to do is Google it and see him when he sat in the stand in court in a stupid ass bandanna, what sort of kangaroo court lets a guy testify in a bandanna? And then he talks about the size of his p***s. It’s hilarious, I don’t have to say anything, he admitted it himself, I don’t think anything about Hulk Hogan.”

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