Scott Steiner Speaks On Why He Left TNA In 2012, Calls Dixie Carter An Idiot & Discusses The WWE Hall Of Fame


Scott Steiner, who will face Jeremy Borash & Joseph Parks at Slammiversary XV on July 2nd, was a recent guest on Ring Rust Radio. During Steiner’s appearance on the show, he revealed why he left TNA/Impact Wrestling back in 2012 and gave a response to the possibility of being entered into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Here are the highlights:

Why He Left TNA:

“When I left nothing impressed me, that’s why I left. The change of management which was a problem because Dixie Carter is an idiot and then she brought in these other idiots like Hulk Hogan. I was just like damn, ‘I got to get the hell out of here. I watched them from afar and their pockets kept getting run down and then thank God, someone else bought it, ran her out and now the right guy is back in charge being Jeff Jarrett. That’s basically who I started with before when Jeff started Impact Wrestling. I definitely wanted to come back and work for the organization again.”

The Signing Process While Negotiating His Return To Impact:

“I get paid to beat people up, which is the greatest job in the world. I legally can punch someone in the face and not get arrested for it, which most human beings can’t do. Nowadays, a lawyer calls you up and you get slammed with a civil suit so it really is the best job in the world. People pay me to punch someone in the face, Josh called me up, asked me if I want to punch someone in the face, and I said, ‘Yeah, pay me and it’s on’ and that’s basically how it went down.”

Steiner On Possibly Being In The WWE Hall Of Fame:

“I am already in a couple Hall of Fames like the Michigan Hall of Fame and the Dan Gable Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, so my accolades speak for themselves. Let’s just say I’m not losing any sleep over any Hall of Fame induction. The one Hall of Fame that I refuse to go in is the WWE Hall of Fame because do you know where it’s at? Where is it? Do you have an address? It’s a bunch of bulls**t. If they called me up, I wouldn’t go because there’s no address, you can’t go see it, so, where is it?”

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