Scott Steiner/TNA Court Hearing Set For Next Week



TNA has filed a motion to dismiss Scott “Steiner” Rechsteiner’s cross-complaint against them. Steiner claims that the company breached his contract by not paying royalties and providing an accurate account of merchandise and DVD sales he was owed royalties from.

The suit was filed in response to TNA’s claims that Steiner breached his TNA deal by slamming the company and management on Twitter. In a five page motion filed on October 9, TNA claimed that Steiner didn’t file a complaint with the company and let them fix the problem, as mentioned in their talent agreement contracts, before he filed his lawsuit. TNA contracts state that they have thirty days to fix the problem after being told about it. Since that process never happened, they can’t be held accountable for any alleged breach. They also claim that Steiner didn’t “state a complaint upon which relief can be granted” in his lawsuit, making it unable to go forward.

TNA have continued to claim that Steiner breached his May 2010 contract with the company due to his Twitter rants. Even though they requested a cease and desist, he has continued, which lead to the lawsuit. Steiner has said his TNA deal expired and he chose to turn them down for a new deal. A hearing on TNA’s motion is set for October 26 in Nashville.

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