SCU Comment on the “Freebird Rule”, Being Tag-Team Champions, and More


During a recent interview with Fightful, SCU (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) commented on the “Freebird” rule. and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Sky on being tag team champions: “It’s an honor. I think the AEW tag team division is the most stacked division in all of pro wrestling. AEW puts a lot of emphasis on tag team wrestling. To be at the top is unbelievable.”

Kazarian on a possible Freebird rule for SCU: “It baffles me. We’re not the Freebirds. We never claim to be the Freebirds. We’re a team of three and two of us happen to win the titles. The Freebird Rule isn’t a thing and hasn’t been a thing for a long time. When Christopher Daniels comes back, he’s going to be winning titles too. If you wanna call it the SCU rule, we’re all gonna be champions eventually.”

Sky on a special SCU rule: “If we created an SCU rule, it would just be we get to keep the belts forever. And that’s the rule. We’re going to be champions 20 years after we’re retired. That’s the rule.”

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