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NewsSean Waltman Weighs in on Night 1 of the G1 Climax 29

Sean Waltman Weighs in on Night 1 of the G1 Climax 29



This week on Sean Waltman‘s Podcast, X-Pac weighs on the happenings on this past Saturday’s G1 Climax 29 opening night.

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Waltman’s team sent the following transcribed highlights from the episode to eWrestlingNews. You can hear the full episode on YouTube (embedded above) or via the links at the bottom of this post:

Sean Waltman on Lance Archer vs Will Ospreay:

“As someone that, my specialty was that style of match, a David and Goliath match, I just thought it was done really well. Ospreay, I think he’s the best guy they have. Especially for the global expansion, say, here in the States, you know, a blond-haired fucking kid with blue eyes. Good-looking fucker, too. His gear’s all on-point. I was hoping he would win. Lance did great, though, I was really happy for Lance. I hope they use Lance more moving forward, I hope they use him better.”

Sean Waltman on the attendance in Dallas:

“It’s weird, people have a short memory of how fucking tough it was to put asses in seats not too long ago, to where they’re going, ‘Oh, they can’t even sell out the fucking American Airlines arena?’ I mean, it was over half full! […] AXS TV produced that, right? They’re not in the wrestling industry where they’re used to having to, for cosmetic reasons, move people. They shot it like everyone else would shoot it. So yeah, it probably would look better, aesthetically, if there were more people, but I thought the crowd looked just fine. I thought it was very respectable.”

Get it all on this week’s brand new episode of AfterBuzz TV’s X-Pac 12360. Two words for you…DOWNLOAD IT!  X-Pac 1,2,360 is also available for download on iTunes and NOW on Spotify!

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