Sean Waltman Breaks Down NXT TakeOver: New York


This week on Sean Waltman‘s Podcast, Sean talks all about NXT as he previews this Friday’s NXT TakeOver: New York

Waltman’s team sent the following transcribed highlights from the episode to eWrestlingNews. You can hear the full episode on YouTube or via the links at the bottom of this post:

Sean Waltman talks being a fan of Matt Riddle:

“Everyone knows I am biased towards that guy anyways, but still, it’s for a reason. Not just because he’s a good guy. His vision for himself, and how he stuck to it and how he’s stayed true to it and even there. Going there involves assimilating and it’s a fine line to walk of how much to assimilate, and there are some things about his style that are unorthodox and when maybe somebody might try to get him to adjust it’s maybe not a good idea and I think he’s done a great job of walking that line.”

Sean Waltman on Tommaso Ciampa’s injury:

“They took a really shitty situation with Ciampa’s neck, no getting around that and it’s such a shame because of this long build. And Ciampa is gonna be fine by the way. He had a C5, C6. I had a nice long talk with him about it. His spirits are good. I had a 5 and 6, I came back, I had an amazing career post-surgery. He’s gonna do the same. And he just needs to know other people have been through this. I had mine done in 97’ and this is 2019. Medicine has come a long way since then. [There are] different procedures. His is actually very similar to mine, he has screws and a plate in his neck holding the fusion together. He’s gonna be fine. Shitty situation and they took this and they did a great job with it. Because what do you do last minute with this? So I thought the fatal-five-way was a good idea. And they had a hell of a match.”

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