Scott Hall Discusses RAW Reunion with Sean Waltman


This week on Sean Waltman’s podcast, Sean talks to Scott Hall about RAW Reunion and working at the WWE Performance Center.

Waltman’s team sent the following highlights to eWrestlingNews:

Scott Hall Shares His Favorite Part of RAW REUNION and Hanging Out with Ric Flair In The Legends Lounge. 

“My favorite part of the whole experience was sitting in what they call the legends lounge. And just hearing the guys talk and laugh. I feel that the wrestling business today is so politically correct that even when the performers talk to each other they’re really guarded with what they say and stuff like that. But in the Legend’s Lounge, a bunch of old-timers like us, that came up in a different era; when you could talk to a guy using colorful language, it didn’t mean you didn’t like them it’s just how guys communicated. It’s really fun to hear… Being around Ric Flair these days, it’s always enjoyable but these last few days; I am not putting words in his mouth but just my take on it- since he had that major health scare, he looks at life differently now. It’s not like he didn’t enjoy life before but he is completely cool with the point that it might end tomorrow so ‘I am going to enjoy every moment of every day.’ And when you’re around somebody like that it’s kinda fun.”

Scott Hall On Being A Guest Trainer At The WWE Performance Center and  Working with The Big Guys

“It was great, I was in Orlando for about 8 or 9 days, cause I went in early. I spoke to Triple H in the past about who’s training the big guys. So we had a mini big guy summit, I got to watch films with the bigger guys, have one-on-ones with some of them, get in the ring and talk about their different move sets and what they got and stuff. And I saw this new kid they have down there, Jordan {Omogbehin}, big kid about 7’4’ about 440 {lbs}, just a monster, and I was there for his debut match. I got to produce it. And it’s just that connection, you know how it is when you connect with a guy and when he doesn’t know anything and you teach him something. And then you have a relationship with that person for the rest of your career. Even if you never have lunch together, you never travel together but you can point  across the locker room and go ‘I’ll work with them.’ I mean, we all realized years ago, it’s not show friends, it’s show business, we all don’t have to get along but we can do business together.”

Scott Hall Tells The Viewers What A Skull Session Is Down At The WWE Performance Center:

“They do it at all levels now, they have different tiers of guys as they develop through the performance center system and Shawn Michaels is obviously working with the top guys, the Adam Cole’s, stuff like that… It’s a session where we watch their most current matches and everybody gives their feedback, it’s kinda like wrestler’s court, sometimes you get called out and you’re there to defend yourself. And then we watch some stuff that the guys have done years prior, it’s one of those things where you watch your old stuff and some may go ‘wow I need to keep doing that’ or ‘I thought I was really good back then but I sucked’ {laughs}. We did some old tape study and I try to remind guys ‘sometimes go back and watch the old stuff it’ll pump you up about how you are making progress and it might remind you of some of the old things you were doing that you might want to hang on to.’”

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