Sean Waltman Gives His Thoughts on Starrcast II


This week on Sean Waltman‘s Podcast, Sean commented on Conrad Thompson and the Starrcast II convention:

“He’s a great guy, everything he does is coming from a good place. If anyone has any complaints, I get it. Not everything worked out how it was supposed to. But try to understand this guy is doing his best because he loves this. You know, he’s one of them. The guy is doing his best to try and bring something amazing to the wrestling community. Sometimes things don’t go how they are supposed to. And yes, as a consumer/customer if you’re not satisfied that’s important, that’s the most important thing really it’s just try and take into consideration that there are some things that just are out of their control and you’re dealing with a bunch of wrestlers. Guys that when you text them or call them for their meet and greets in the morning they’re grumpy as f*** and may just say, ‘Oh fuck it, I don’t feel like showing up.’ And what are you gonna do? Force them? Conrad has to deal with all these different personalities and not everyone is easy to deal with. I am not easy to deal with and I am probably one of the easier people he had to deal with there.”

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