Sean Waltman Comments On Career Making Match With Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) In 1993


During the latest episode of his podcast, Sean Waltman (aka, X-Pac, Syxx, 1-2-3 Kid) commented on his career defining moment as he had defeated Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) on an episode of WWE Monday Night RAW back in 1993. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On fans and wrestlers joining him in celebrating the match: “It’s not like I haven’t heard people say how much that meant to them and how it inspired them. When you see it from your peers, and your colleagues and the next generation, it feels really good. Obviously it goes without saying, it feels so good man. Looking back on everything, I’ve got an amazing life, lived my dream, and that was the most important moment of my career, bar none. And there were a lot of big moments [and] matches like my match with Bret [Hart], the return to join with DX after WrestleMania 14, the invasion of WCW and none of it would have happened without that first big moment at the Manhattan Center that night.”

On when he found out he was going to win: “I knew probably a month beforehand, if I had to guess, because Vince [McMahon] and Pat [Patterson] called me and laid the whole thing out in detail, and it’s exactly how it ended up going. They had this thing all mapped out. When they laid this out to me on the phone, and they were like, ‘What do you think of it?’ I couldn’t believe it. Just being brought in and just given an opportunity to get over. ‘Here’s some vignettes, and here’s a month worth of squash matches. Now go out there and get over.’ It’s the best way I can imagine being brought in [and] being introduced to people. It was great. I knew it was going to be big too.”

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