Sean Waltman Comments on Cody’s Unprotected Chair Shot from Fyter Fest


This week on Sean Waltman‘s Podcast, Sean commented on the controversial chair shot from Shawn Spears to Cody Rhodes at AEW Fyter Fest:

“I wasn’t a fan of it, we don’t need that. That being said, a lot of people just like to take anything and blow it up and get outraged over it… I am pretty sure getting dropped on your f**ken head with a super collider brainbuster suplex isn’t good on your f**ken head either or your brain. I just think it was a big deal made out of it. I think it was way too big of a deal made out of it. It wasn’t good, shouldn’t have done it, okay, so they won’t do it again. I am pretty sure it’s not gonna happen again.

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