Eddie Kingston

Sean Waltman Defends Eddie Kingston’s Physique


Last month, AEW star Eddie Kingston came to the defense of Adam Cole after some controversial comments regarding Cole’s physique. This led some online to target Kingston, with their argument being whether Kingston was fit enough to be an athlete. WWE Hall of Famer and former DX member Sean Waltman came to the defense of Kingston with a series of tweets the other day.

Waltman wrote the following:


“Yeah, there’s no way someone with a beer gut could possibly be a good athlete #GTFOH Most of these criticisms come from people who don’t have the 1st clue what makes someone a good athlete. FYI: It has zero to do with whether or not you can see their 6 pack.”

This also led Tom Lawlor and Lance Storm to give their two cents on people body shamming Kingston online.

Lance Storm added: “Adrian Adonis always blew me away. He was incredible.”

Tom Lawlor noted: “Eddie Kingston has stepped in between the ropes and actually fought and won in kickboxing fights. I’d be amazed if anyone sh*t talking him has as well.”

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