Sean Waltman Discusses Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio, Praises John Cena


Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman talked about a wide range of topics during the latest episode his podcast, X-Pac 1, 2, 360, including praise for John Cena and Andrade Almas. They sent us the following highlights:

John Cena Being The Best At Putting Guys Over: “I just have thoughts on the match and how great it was and what a tremendous job John Cena did of putting {Finn} Balor over. And I’m gonna refer to the tweet I put out after that. No one in John Cena’s shoes has ever done as good of job as he does putting guys over. As far as the face of the company (John Cena), I don’t think anyone has done a better job of putting guys over or lifting/elevating other guys.”

His Thoughts On Andrade versus Rey Mysterio on Smackdown: “When I turned it on and I saw the way the match was going, early parts of it, I am like ‘okay this is gonna be good’ because they were taking their time and they were doing a slow build and it was good. Respect to those guys, and guys that do that style can start cutting a real frantic pace and it’s really hard to digest and people were in it they were invested. They were taking their time, they were doing wrestling, take-downs. You could just see the people, they weren’t dicking around they were all watching, eyes were on the ring, it was really nice to see that… It was a nice solid win for him over Rey…. And Zelina Vega I can’t put her over enough, she’s so valuable out there as part of that act. I mean she would do great on her own or with anyone but I really love those two together.”

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