Sean Waltman: I’d Only Come Back For A Match Like Royal Rumble


Even though Sean Waltman was back in the ring this year (in a losing effort to Joey Janela at Spring Break 6), the former X-Pac says that fans are unlikely to see him replicate the feat. That is, of course, unless the event were something on par with participating in a Royal Rumble or a match of that type.

Waltman spoke during a virtual signing with K & S WrestleFest about stepping back between the ropes and had the following to say:

“It’s hard for me to answer a question like that. I’m not in a frame of mind, where I’m at physically, to wrap my head around it. Especially after the last couple of matches I had. We get old, man. Can’t walk the next day after I do shit like that. If I get back in the ring again, it’s going to be a pretty big deal. It’s going to be something big like the Royal Rumble.”

You can see the video of Waltman’s appearance at the virtual event below:

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