Sean Waltman Says It Is Very Hard To Be A Heel In Wrestling Today


In an interview with The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro, Sean Waltman talked about why it is so hard to be a heel today. Below are the highlights

On how hard it really is to be a heel: “I’m going to tell you the only danger for me was all that negative energy that comes at you when you’re a heel from the people…yes it gets to you when you’re somebody like me it gets to you…when you have like okay 20,000 people all telling you you suck you know…and even when you’re leaving the building and the fucking show’s over Kev and you got your kids with you and they’re going you fucking piece of shit fucking fucking f this you know calling you everything in front of your kids…and people can say oh words ah they’re just words, fucking words are more powerful than the sword sometimes I don’t care what anyone says.”

On why we don’t have heels today the way we used to: “They don’t get real heat anymore Kev. They’re afraid they don’t want that kind of heat on their show anymore…it’s different now Kev there’s no real heels…we don’t want that much heat. We don’t want the kind of heat where riots happen shit like that we don’t want that anymore it’s different…they knew it was scripted when we were doing NWO and we had riots in the crowd against each other just because one part of the crowd liked WCW…”

On why Roman Reigns should not go full blown heel: “Roman Reigns. When he comes out, he gets that reaction that’s different than 99% of the other people on the roster. It’s different, and might be some boos in there, but it’s just at a different magnitude…Why do we need to all of a sudden go…’okay now he’s a heel’, why can’t he just start acting a little heel-ish. That’s what he’s doing…So many people are stuck on ‘well, he just needs to turn heel’ why does somebody have to officially turn.. it’s not 1980.”


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