Sean “X-Pac” Waltman Discusses Justin Credible Going Into Rehab & Helping Him Through This Rough Time


As noted here on eWn, former WWE/ECW star Justin Credible, posted a video onto YouTube letting everyone know that:

“I simply got arrested for threatening someone who I love and would never hurt, or touch. Yet tomorrow I face, at 9am in the morning, I face jail time and I have not had a public defender get back to me. I have worked for 23 years for the World Wrestling Entertainment company, I’m a former world champion and my life is on the line here and it’s very scary.”

His former tag-team partner, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman discussed helping Credible through this rough time during “The Tomorrow Show With Kevin Undergaro”.

Here are the highlights:

Billy Corgan Reaching Out To Justin Credible:

“Definitely wanna give props to Billy Corgan for reaching out to him as well. He’s a really cool cat and it doesn’t surprise me.”

Waltman On Helping Credible:

“We got him in a hotel at least and somebody’s gonna pick him up and bring him to rehab. I just saw these crazy posts on Twitter and I’m just like, ‘hey, call me, I love you and I’ll answer it’, I’m happy to do it, I’m happy to. That’s a real touch and go time when somebody’s in a situation like that. He’s in a situation where he feels like nobody’s really wanting to help and nobody gives a f**k and I’m trying to explain to him why that might be. You know, when somebody’s all f****d up like that and they’re at the moment f****d up, they’re hating themselves and some of the stuff, some of the things he talked to me about, I would never share with anyone. It was pretty heavy s**t. I just wanted to get him on the phone and talk to him, have a connection, even though it’s over the phone, just to have that connection at the moment with somebody, is huge.”

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