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Sean X-Pac Waltman on the AEW/PAC Issues


This week on Sean Waltman‘s Podcast, Sean commented on the on-going issues between PAC and All Elite Wrestling which have thrown PAC’s AEW status into question:

“That’s the potential problem with people not being exclusive. It shouldn’t be an issue. But okay I can understand Dragon Gate going ‘We don’t want you losing on everyone’s streaming service or TV show or pay-per-view, if you’re our champion’ Especially in the past, Japanese promotions have been like that….AEW shouldn’t have to book around some other promotion…I don’t think this is going to be an issue with other people. Here’s the thing about booking a match, when you’re booking a match, when you’re booking a pay-per-view or TV match, well mainly a pay-per-view match, even long term, you don’t book the match without having the finish already. You don’t go like ‘Okay, this sounds like a great match on paper, lets book it’ and then throw it out there and not have already decided okay well ‘who’s going over?’ and ‘are both parties down for that’ and getting that all out of the way. That’s how it works when it’s done right.

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