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Sean X-Pac Waltman on the Bret Hart/Tom Magee Match


This week on Sean Waltman‘s Podcast, Sean commented on being apart of the WWE Network documentary about the 1986 match between Bret Hart and Tom Magee aka the Holy Grail of Wrestling Tapes:

“Back in I can’t remember what year it was but at a TV taping in Tampa, Florida it was Tom Magee versus Ted DiBiase. And Teddy had just a really good match, I mean it was one of the better matches of the whole night. And I really thought that Tom was going to be a big star and that we were going to see so much more of him. When we didn’t for a while, I was like ‘WTF ever happened to this guy? Like, he was doing amazing things.’ And just his look, it was right up Vince’s alley, but if he wasn’t in there with a guy like Bret or Ted DiBiase or someone of that caliber, it wasn’t pretty. And it’s cause he wasn’t a wrestling person, Tom Magee, he came from the strong man world and bodybuilding, he took number 2 in a World’s Strongest Man, it’s incredible, the guy’s credentials before he got into wrestling….but he didn’t have that love for it I guess. And that makes a huge difference. So that being said, he didn’t have the aptitude of a lot of people that come into wrestling. When you watch this match with Bret or DiBiase and there was one that he had with Arn, and to me I look at that and I go, if they wouldn’t have given up on this guy and they had somebody to work with him every night like that, i just think they could have gotten a lot more out of Tom Magee.”

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