Sean “X-Pac” Waltman Talks Getting A Gun Pulled On Him Twice


Sean Waltman, or better known by his wrestling alias as X-Pac was a recent guest on “The Tomorrow Show W/ Kevin Undergaro” and during the interview, Waltman made note of the two seperate times in his past where he had a gun pulled on him.

Here is the highlight from that particular portion of the interview: (transcript by WrestleZone), full video version of the show will be down below the highlight.

 Waltman: “When I was 18, I would, um, uh, yeah, I was, I just turned 18. I would volunteer at the, at the homeless shelter and feed the homeless cause I had to eat there, too. I had to eat there, too. I didn’t have any money, Kev, when I was, started wrestling. I would go and volunteer and then I’d have some myself, got pulled a gun pulled on me outside there, too. In Minneapolis, south Minneapolis. True story, I kicked him in the fucking chest, he hit the wall. It broke the fucking, the uh, stucco wall on the outside, started crying, cops came, It scared the fuck out of me, I’m not going to lie.”

Waltman: “Rick Steiner pulled a fucking like .45 or a .357 out and shot me in the chest with a blank. Thought I got shot, too, when the wad hit me.” 

A blank is a type of gun that releases gunpowder instead of bullets but it gives the sound effect and the flash that a real gun would.



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