Septimo Dragon’s Father Says His Son Will Need A Fourth Surgery


We reported earlier this week here on eWn that Septimo Dragon is currently in stable condition after a motorcycle accident. He has undergone three surgeries so far and his father says he’ll need a fourth surgery. He said,

“He’s winning that third fall, little by little he’s been waking up. The doctors have reduced the sedation and he’s starting to open his eyes, move his head, hands and his feet a little. We’re more calm, it’s a relief. The first intervention he had was very important, we’re very grateful to the doctors, who applied themselves [to this situation] and did not leave him alone. At this moment, he has undergone three surgeries, a fourth is being planned. He is being taken care of, is in good hands at the general hospital in Irapuato thanks to all of them. After this fourth surgery, he could leave the intensive care and be taken to the floor. He is improving, thank God. We are grateful for all the support. To his acquaintances and wrestling fans, we want to say that he is still fighting for his life and that he is winning this battle and hasn’t let his guard down. God bless you all, thank you for all your prayers, financial contributions and blood donation for my son.“

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