Serena Deeb Discusses Her Time In AEW So Far, Always Wanting To Get Better


During a recent appearance on the “Sonny the Jobber” podcast, AEW wrestler Serena Deeb commented on enjoying her run in All Elite Wrestling so far, in addition to wanting to always better herself. She said,

“It’s been surreal, to be honest with you. I had the NWA run and then the feud with Shida, one of the first women’s champions in AEW. Then Thunder Rosa at Double or Nothing, my first-ever pay-per-view match in my entire career. Wrestling Mercedes at the ROH pay-per-view. I mean these are firsts for me, even though I’ve been in the business for 17 years, there were things that I didn’t experience before in other companies or other situations. I’m getting them, I’m getting to experience them now, and it’s surreal. But it doesn’t stop my drive. I constantly wanna get better. I don’t care what people are saying. People can say, ‘You’re the best women’s wrestler in the world,’ you’re the best this, best that, but whatever. That means a lot, when people say that stuff to me, but I always wanna feet better, and that’s why I’m always training, and I’m always trying to add like, okay, let me learn something new every week, every week, every week. That’s where my mind is at. I try to sit down with Dean Malenko and Arn Anderson and talk to them, like how can I get better? Because that never stops. You’re never gonna be a perfect wrestler, perfect person, perfect performer, any of these things. It’s never gonna happen. Perfection I don’t think exists. I mean there’s people that have come close, you know, but just keeping that fire and that drive inside is important, and I hope that every young woman in this business keeps that too and never just settles like okay, I’m good. Doesn’t happen. You can always get better. Always.“

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(h/t – Fightful)

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