Serena Deeb Provides An Update On Her Knee Injury


Former NWA Women’s Champion and current AEW Superstar Serena Deeb recently took to her Instagram account, confirming that she’s currently dealing with a knee injury. In her promo, which you can see below, Deeb said,

“Now normally I do my talking in the ring, so here I am in a wrestling ring. Though recently, I’ve hit a roadblock. And I wanted to address it with you and be honest, because I hear everything you’re saying. I see it all the time. ‘Serena should be on Dynamite more!’ ‘Serena should be on PPV more!’ ‘Serena is the best!’ And you’re right. Truth is, right now I’m hurt. I’m injured. My knee’s been playing up for a while. It’s been bothering me in my matches. I tried to fight through the pain. Was it the smartest thing to do? Probably not.

But that’s what I do. I’m Serena Deeb. I’m from the old school, and what I was taught, is that if you can walk to the ring, you can step in here and you can do your job. Hell, look at me right now. I can’t freakin’ walk and I’m sitting in a wheelchair in the ring, trying to get better. I’m nothing like the girls of today that break a nail and they have to take six weeks off. Do you know why I’m the best? I’ll give you a perfect example: First thing I do after my matches, is I will walk to the back and I find a Tully Blanchard or an Arn Anderson or a Dean Malenko and I grab them and I ask, ‘Hey, how can I improve? How can I get better at what I do?’

Do you know what the rest of these girls do after their matches? They run to the back and bury their faces in their cell phones to see what the Internet says. And then they wonder why they don’t get any better. The truth is, not one of them can lace my boots. Not one of them is in my league. Yes. Right now I’m injured. I’m hurt, but I will be back to AEW. I will come back to once again become champion and I’ll remind each and every one of you that not only am I the best women’s wrestler in the world, I am the best wrestler in the world. I am Serena Deeb, the woman of 1,000 holds.”

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