Serious Indie Show Incident – Hannibal And Referee Have Conflicting Stories


As you may have learned over the weekend there was a very serious incident at an indie wrestling show. During the show, indie wrestler Hannibal aka Bloodhunter (Devin Nicholson) bladed a referee (Lando Deltoro) with an ice spike several times. Rather than this being a safe and controlled incident, Deltoro sustained serious injuries that led to him requiring medical attention.

Following this one of the referees in the match would comment:

“What’s up guys. I was the ref in the match. NOT the ref that got f•cked up, but the actual match referee. Bloodhunter/Hannibal refused to listen to me, and I could tell something was off, and immediately told Carlito to gtfo and finish the match. Bloodhunter went totally off the hinges and refused to listen to me. He tore the other referee up, then hid the weapon he used to do it.

Cops were called, I gave a full statement about what I believed happened. Kevin f•cking Sullivan told me to kayfabe the cops.

Full disclosure, this is absolutely NOT on the company that had the event, this is 100% on Bloodhunter/Hannibal.

I told the cops what I thought. I believe it was absolutely assault. He went way above and beyond working. There was no safety on his part. And as a ref, the most critical thing I can offer the people I work with is that I will make sure they are safe, and I feel like I completely failed at that. I should have stopped the match immediately when I noticed something was off. I apologize for that.

And another thing. I started screaming at Hannibal backstage, before the cops showed up, that he had just murdered the other ref, and he seemed like he was going to come yell? at me, and friggin Jacob Fatu stepped up and was threatening to beat his ass, despite having no clue what had happened. Massive props to Fatu.

Let me give you guys a full breakdown, start to finish, 100% real. Couple of things, Andrew Anderson is also managed by Sullivan. One of their gimmicks is to bring out this spike and threaten to use it against opponents. Cool.

So, the owner of the company hired 2 refs to work the show. Myself and another gentleman. Hannibal decided he wanted his own ref because he wanted to make a ref bleed, but the owner didn’t want his working refs to bleed.

Prior to the match, I kept trying to figure out what was supposed to go down in the match. That’s pretty common for us refs to do. Go over anything the wrestlers need from us. All I was able to find out was that Bloodhunter and Kevin Sullivan had everything planned and that the other ref knew what he was supposed to do. So I went to talk to the 3rd ref about what he needed from me, and he was busy making and getting his blade ready. He was taking a blade job, It was 100% planned for him to bleed. I need everyone to understand that.

So we finally get to the match and no one can find Hannibal. It takes a good 7 or 8 minutes of stalling by the Ring Announcer before anyone ever finds him. I’m standing in gorilla trying to talk to Kevin Sullivan about what’s supposed to be happening. I see Bloodhunter finally around the corner and start to head out to tell the RA we are good to go. But I noticed Bloodhunter/Hannibal is stumbling. First clue.

I get to the ring and tell the RA we are good to go. It took Bloodhunter a solid few minutes to get to the ring during his entrance. And what I mean is that it looked like he was stumbling, and just really meandering to the ring, not paying a ton of attention. 2nd clue.

Finally, he gets into the ring and tries to climb the turnbuckles to taunt the crowd and it’s incredibly apparent he’s messed up. He was struggling just to keep his balance on the ropes. Definitely not normal, and not good.

Carlito gets to the ring and I tell him my thoughts, that I think BH is messed up, and to finish the match ASAP. I get it, Carlito was in the WWE and is a professional, but dude, he handled the situation incredibly well.

So, BH wins via the sh••tiest roll up I’ve ever seen. Andrew Anderson comes out to brawl with Carlito, all planned. I follow them to the back. This is 3rd refs que to come in to get Bloodhunter to the back. All planned. Bloodhunter is to hit 3rd ref with his spike, safely, 3rd ref is supposed to blade, and bleed, and we all meet up in the back, good match, yay.

Instead I look out and see BH wailing on 3rd ref. And I think, this is taking too long, so I go back out. 3rd ref hadn’t starting bleeding yet. So what I believe happened, is that BH got pissed off that 3rd ref wasn’t able to cut himself, so BH did it himself. First he choked the 3rd ref into unconsciousness. He was 100% in seconds. Then BH proceeds to hit him all over the head with his spike. Repeatedly. Without having watching the footage yet, I’m going to guess 20 or more times. Dude was bleeding profusely at this point. The entire time this is happening, I’ve decided this is too much and I was tryin to get BH off the dude. I refused to go into the ring, I absolutely did not trust him. So on the apron, I was pulling on BH’s leg and punching it while screaming at him to stop. Finally, Blaze, his other manager/real life GF gets in and pulls him off.

That’s when I managed to pull 3rd ref out of the ring. I checked on him again here and he was absolutely out and still profusely bleeding. So I immediately run to the back saying to call 911 and I need as many people out there to help me with a) Hannibal and b) 3rd ref as possible, and I requested we try to find any EMT’s.

3 wrestlers, 2 of them with some form of medical background follow me back out. By the time I got back to the back, cops were already there, and I spent the next 45 minutes or so giving my statement to them. I believe Bloodhunter hid his weapon, because as long as he told the cops that the 3rd ref was supposed to blade HIMSELF he was fine, but what ACTUALLY happened was the direct result of Bloodhunters actions.”

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