Seth Rollins Blasts Cesaro, Says Vince McMahon Was Right About Him


Seth Rollins is continuing his feud with Cesaro via Twitter. In some of his tweets, which you can see below, he called him a “coward” and said Vince McMahon was right about him. For those unaware, McMahon said during an interview with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin several years ago that Cesaro hadn’t connected with the fans or grabbed the brass ring. Rollins said,

“Cesaro is a COWARD! Used to be a really good friend and now look at him. Turned down MY HELP and now wants to RIDE MY COATTAILS INTO WRESTLEMANIA!?!! HUGE waste of potential. Doesn’t DESERVE my consideration. VINCE WAS RIGHT about him. CAN’T care MY BOOTS. Don’t @ me. #EMBRACETHEVISION”

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