Seth Rollins Comments On When Becky Lynch May Return, Talks WrestleMania 37


During a recent interview with “WWE Now India”, Seth Rollins commented on his match with Cesaro at tonight’s WrestleMania (Night One) event, when Becky Lynch may return, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On when he will go after the Universal title again: “Well, you know, I can’t divulge all of my secrets but I will not lie when I’m saying that that is my ultimate goal. But I’ve got to strike at the right time. You know better than anybody that I am an opportunist. I am a schemer. I am a planner. I am a genius. Some would say a genius when it comes to these things, so I will strike at the right time. Right now, I’m focused on Cesaro, WrestleMania, that match, making sure that he doesn’t disrespect me, and nobody disrespects me, ever again. But the future definitely has more Universal championships in store for Seth Rollins.”

On when we will see Becky Lynch back in action: “Well, that’s awesome because I also love her as well. I can’t say when, obviously. You know, I can’t divulge my wife’s secrets. That’s bad for me. I gotta be home with her every day, so I wouldn’t wanna do that, wouldn’t wanna upset her. But nope, she’s doing great. Obviously, four months postpartum now. She’s making incredible strides in her recovery, and I suggest you’ll have some sorta update from her sooner than later about when she may return, but may not. She might just surprise us. She’s full of surprises. So, who knows? But either way, she’s doing great. She’s healthy, baby’s healthy, and she will be back sooner or later.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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