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Seth Rollins On Did He Expect Any Backlash From His WWE 2K18 Commercial



Former two-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, recently spoke with IGN and discussed being the cover-star for the WWE 2K18 video game. During the interview, Rollins touched on if he thought he’d be receiving any backlash for the WWE 2K18 commercial where he destroyed legendary WWE items including: knocking the head off of the Andre The Giant statue which did ruffle a few feathers.

Here’s what “The Architect” had to say:

Rollins: “No, I didn’t really expect too much backlash. I thought it was cool and exciting. I got to smash things with a bat, take off Andre’s head, burn a bunch of stuff and break glass with my fist. It was a cool experience. We shot it in LA in this abandoned mall which felt super weird. I know they filmed some scenes from Westworld in there too, which is a great show so I was just excited to be on the same set of that show. It was a really spooky experience to be in an abandoned mall, but I think the spot turned out great. It was a big win for 2K, WWE and myself. There’s certainly an element of responsibility that goes with being on the cover, but I’m just stoked for it. I think it’s awesome for our generation to have a guy on the cover who comes from the group of guys and girls on the road right now who are grinding it out every single day and night. I feel honored to have gotten the opportunity and that I was chosen to be that guy when it could have been anyone from Charlotte Flair to Sasha Banks to Roman Reigns.”

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