Seth Rollins On His Match With Logan Paul, Trish Stratus Mocks Lita & Becky Lynch


In a recent appearance on the My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast, Seth Rollins reflected on his match with Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39 and revealed how he was expected to carry the weight of the match to make it extraordinary. Rollins said,

It’s different. It’s 100% different. Obviously, there’s a lot more pressure on me to carry the weight of a match, carry the burden of a huge WrestleMania match where you’ve got someone like Logan Paul, who brings so many eyes that normally don’t pay any attention to our industry and put a huge spotlight on our industry at the biggest event of the year. So there’s a lot of pressure on you. The company is basically saying, ‘Here, we trust you to handle this and do this well.’ Then you’re in there with a guy who has very little experience. But I’ll say this about Logan. Say what you will about his personality and how he conducts himself outside of the ring and his different exploits and all that, I don’t pretend to comment or know about all that stuff. But he’s a hard-working cat, he is a hustler, and I don’t think you get to his level of success just kind of phoning it in. He’s a hustler, he did everything that he needed to do to get himself as ready as someone in his position could be for a match like that, and I think you saw the end result. It’s on par with any of the other WrestleMania matches that I’ve ever had. That’s a testament to me and how fantastic I am, but also it’s a testament to him and how much hard work he put in, and got himself in the absolute best possible position to succeed. So it was a great time, and I’d love to do it again.”


Yesterday on “National Best Friends Day,” WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus mocked Becky Lynch and Lita by posting a video with photos of them tuned to the Friends theme song. The final moments of the video featured Trish attacking Becky.

You can watch the video below:

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