Seth Rollins Says Part-Timers No Longer Deserve Top Billing


WrestleMania 35 was definitely a landmark made in modern WWE history. It was a night that saw WWE take a chance on some of its more mainstay players, as opposed to big names who are only around on a part-time schedule.

Perhaps the pinnacle of this shift can be seen in Seth Rollins’ victory over Brock Lesnar.

In a new interview with The Independent, Seth discusses why he feels it is important for full-time Superstars to get the opportunity to run with the ball, while also acknowledging that the legacy of the part-time Superstars is just as key to the success of WWE:

“It was a nice little thing to have Brock Lesnar run roughshod with the title for two years, and it was lovely to have Ronda Rousey come in and show her dominance for a year.

“But the nice thing about having champions who are on all the live events is that those events need people to come and see them. To have a reliable talent like myself, Becky Lynch or Kofi Kingston, who are going to be at all of those live events with their championships; that just adds something extra.”

Seth Rollins compared the experience for younger viewers today to that of his own experience when he was younger, and remains optimistic for some big things for himself and his peers:

“When I was a kid and went to WWE events, it was all about seeing whoever was on top, whether that was Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels- they were always there with their title.
“Hopefully we can carve out our own legacies so that, someday, we’ll be mentioned on the same level as Brock Lesnar or a Ronda Rousey – that’s the goal. So it’s a good turn-around. Wrestlemania was an incredible event all around, and it’s nice to see people who’re cut from my cloth getting what they deserve.”

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