Several Changes Made To WWE’s ‘Wellness Policy’


WWE quietly updated its Wellness Policy back on July 23rd. Several things were added, including the following:

* WWE talent can request a Therapeutic Use Exception for a prohibited drug if there is a legitimate medical purpose with a valid prescription from a licensed and treating physician. The use of the drug must be required for more than sixty straight days and the dosage must be “documented in accordance with standards and practices commonly accepted within the United States medical community.” The TUE will be in effect for no more than a calendar year.

* Any WWE talent who is arrested, convicted or who admits to a violation of law in relation to the use, possession, purchase, sale or distribution of drugs will be in breach of contract and subject to immediate dismissal.

* A “positive test for alcohol” will result in a $2,500 fine per positive test, taken from the talent’s downside guarantee.

* A talent who has two violations of the Wellness Policy may enter a “Redemption Program” if the Medical Director approves it. The program is an eighteen month treatment process overseen by the Medicalk Director or an addiction specialist recommended by the Medical Director. Mandatory follow-up testing is required and no further violations during the program are allowed. After this time, talent can request to have a violation removed.

* The following provision was added in relation to substance abuse:

“Pain medications, and other substances prohibited by this Policy, may be abused at times and can become addictive. A WWE Talent who believes he/she may have a problem with substance abuse is encouraged to self-report and request assistance. No penalties are imposed on WWE Talent for voluntarily acknowledging a problem to the Medical Director prior to a drug test being performed herein and WWE will assist in securing rehabilitation services in such situations. The rehabilitation process can be engaged by a WWE Talent notifying the Medical Director, the PA, WWE Ringside Physicians or the WWE Wellness Coordinator that he/she has a problem and needs assistance.”

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