Several Independent Promoters Would Be Screwed if WrestleMania 36 Was Cancelled


During a recent article on VICE, several independent promoters and talents commented on the impact the coronavirus has had on their work and promotions.

As you’d expect, many promoters who have events planned during WrestleMania week would take a huge hit financially if ‘Mania gets cancelled.

According to the article, WrestleCon and GCW do not have cancellation insurance. SXSW was cancelled by the city of Austin, Texas and their promoters were left in the hole because the festival’s cancellation insurance didn’t cover disease outbreaks.

You can check out some quotes from the article below:

Chris Dickinson on the potential cancellation of WrestleMania week’s indy shows: “This is unfortunately not only financially devastating, as it is the biggest wrestling week of the year, but it’s extremely demoralizing, especially for me. I had a lot riding on some of these matches and a lot of eyes on me. This is a time where I could really break through to the next level, and it’s all either going to be postponed or some of these opportunities may never present themselves again.”

Michael Blanton on the cancellation’s affect on wrestlers: “[It’s] an astronomical loss … This is the indie wrestler’s big bonus that they work all year for. Taking this away would take away a huge portion of your yearly take.”

WrestleCon’s Michael Bochicchio on the affects of a cancellation: “I’m not kidding, if this is a full cancellation, I’ll likely sell my house. You can put it on the record, it’s true.

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