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Several Recently Released WWE Superstars Dealing With Visa Issues


According to a new report from Fightful, several recently released WWE Superstars are encountering visa issues. The released wrestlers are not able to monetize their outside interests in the United States, at least until they acquire a visa.

The report states that the released talent have approximately five months to have their visa situations sorted. This is a combination of the 90 days in their non-compete clauses, as well as an additional 60 days grace period. The limited time the Superstars have to get things in order has reportedly been a major point of concern for some wrestlers.


Though the report did not name any wrestlers in particular, Bronson Reed and both members of The IIconics have commented on their visa issues. Reed, who is from Australia tweeted out, “Released An international During a pandemic. Fun times.”

Meanwhile, Cassie Lee [Peyton Royce] recently told Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions Podcast about the issues that she and Jessica McKay [Billie Kay] have had on their end since their WWE releases. Lee said,

“The difficult thing for us is that [and] this is a whole thing but, we still don’t have our green cards. So, we’re not allowed to work until we get those or until we can find some sponsorship anywhere else. It’s like, we’re so excited, we have all this freedom and we have so many ideas, but pump the brakes, because we can’t do any of it. So it’s like this podcast that we’re doing, we’re not making any money off it or anything like that, it’s purely just to get our name out there and kind of try and stay relevant. It’s been tough just knowing we have all these things we wanna do but can’t do it.”

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