Shane ‘Hurricane’ Helms Talks About His Relationship With WWE, His New Role, and More


Shane Helms has recently joined WWE as a backstage producer.

In a new interview with Fightful, the former Hurricane talks all about his relationship with WWE, The Hardy Boys and more. Below are some highlights:

Shane Helms on his relationship with WWE:

“My relationship with them has been great ever since I left. I didn’t have any heat, I didn’t leave with any heat, and that’s a wise choice. If I had heat, I’m not the kind of guy to hide things. I put things out there. I have a good relationship with them and they’re working out for me. There was word on how well I did as an agent in TNA — mainly from the boys — that spread to different people. Now the guy’s Matt Bloom, he’s the one I talk to the most.”

Shane Helms on what he brings to the table in his new role:

“I still work, I still keep up with the business. I’m not an older guy who doesn’t watch, I’m not a newer guy who is inexperienced. I’ve done everything from being a babyface, being a heel, being a character, so I think I just bring a buffet to the table instead of a single meal.”

To read more excerpts, and see the interview, click here.

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