Shane McMahon Almost Returned To WWE In 2012, To Triple H and Stephanie’s Distress


Vice Sports posted a feature which looks at the inner workings of WWE and more. The article, titled “Breaking Kayfabe: An Inside Look at WWE’s Unlikely Business Empire,” writes about Shane McMahon’s departure from the company; his near comeback in 2012, and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s reaction to it.

The outlet says that Shane left the company in 2009 because of a power struggle with Vince and Stephanie. The article quotes a former senior-level executive as saying, “There was always tension between Shane and Stephanie”, even though Shane said he left the company to seek other business ventures on his own.

The article also says that Shane met with Vince in Stamford at the WWE production offices in March of 2012, as Triple H was working on NXT and Vince was stressed out because of the ratings falling. A source said, “When Stephanie found out Shane was going to be there, she went white in the face, and [Triple H] freaked out.”

Shane went to the meeting with Full Fathom Five CEO, James Frey, who was a friend to him, and Shane said he wanted to take over creative, plus have Frey and his team serve as consultants. Vince declined the offer, though. The source noted that Kevin Dunn set it up and said, “Kevin Dunn is very close to Shane, and there’s tremendous tension between Kevin, and [Triple H] and Stephanie. They feel like the company is theirs, but they don’t have power to control Kevin.”

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