Shane McMahon Talks YOU On Demand Going Public


Here are some details on Shane McMahon taking his YOU On Demand company public.

* According to an SEC filing, McMahon loaned his YOU On Demand company $3.0 million in May to cover expenses.

* The company reported a net loss of $4.8 million in Q1-2012 and generated revenue of $2.0 million during the quarter.

* YOU On Demand provides video on-demand services in China and is essentially in start-up mode.

* McMahon noted the company went public on Nasdaq to “position the company correctly for growth.”

* The investment money for advertising & marketing in China.

* The company plans to grow to 11 million homes in China by the end of the year after launching in three million homes late last year.

* McMahon also stated that having the support of major US studios with a 20-year exclusive license to distribute movies in China gives them security.


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