Shane Strickland On The Professional Wrestling Decision That Led Him To Quitting The Military


Top indy star Shane Strickland recently did an interview with the Wrasslerap podcast to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Below are some of the highlights:

The defining moment that made him switch completely from the military to professional wrestling: “Me and Ricochet had to drive from New York to Rhode Island to do a show together, and this was around the time that they were in the mid-season break of season one,” said Strickland. “And he was telling me about the cool things about it and all that, and so he gave me contact information for Konnan.

“[I] messaged Konnan, it was my CZW match with Mike Bailey. I sent him that, he told me to send it to Anthony Jensen. It was like a two, three-month process for them getting back to me, but every time, Konnan was like, ‘hey, did they get back to you yet?’ [I’d be] like, ‘no, not yet,’ and he’s like, ‘oh, I’ma talk to them while I’m there this weekend.’

“Ricochet would be like, ‘hey, did they contact you yet?’ [I said], ‘no, I haven’t heard anything yet,’ [and he would say], ‘oh I’ma talk to them about it this weekend.’ And then Big Ryck would be like, ‘did they get back to you yet? I heard your name being brought up over here.’ I was like, ‘uh, not yet, I’m still waiting.’

“He was like, ‘alright, I’ma talk to them.’ So I had like a bunch of people vouching for me before I even got there. Me and Willie Mack were in the same tryout match and all that. So it was like January 2015, they sent me over a contract, I signed it, faxed it back to them, and I think that was the same month I quit the military.”

You can listen to Strickland on the Wrasslerap podcast by clicking this link here.

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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