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Shane Taylor Talks Keith Lee, WWE Release, More


During a recent interview with “It’s My Wrestling Podcast” Ring of Honor Superstar Shane Taylor was asked about his friendship with Keith Lee. The former ROH TV Champion and CEO of Shane Taylor Promotions revealed if he had spoken to his close friend and former tag partner Lee since his WWE release.

Taylor had the following to say:

I’ve spoken to him. We’ve talked. Keith Lee is going to be just fine. He is, I’m sure, very excited about the future. A motivated Keith Lee with a chip on his shoulder is good for any wrestling fan, right. And he’s got of course his marriage. His wedding to think about this February which I will be at. So congratulations to the both of them. He will be okay. He’s gonna put all of his ducks in a row and we’re gonna figure out something extraordinary for the sport. As he always does.

My reaction when I saw it, again, it was a little surprising, but not completely unforeseen. If you look, okay, you know, this happened, then this happened and then there was like legal battle. You know? So it was just me knowing the environment there the way that I do, Yeah, I was like okay, that could be a thing.

The full interview can be found here.

Keith Lee was one of a number of surprising top names to be released by WWE in 2021. We have already seen some of those names appear for other promotions, but Keith Lee is yet to join another promotion. Were you surprised by Keith Lee’s WWE release? What do you think is next for the Limitless One? Do you agree with Shane Taylor? Let us know in the comments below!

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