Shane Taylor Talks ROH’s Lasting Legacy, More


Former ROH (Ring of Honor) TV Champion Shane Taylor recently sat down for an interview with “It’s My Wrestling Podcast“. The CEO of Shane Taylor Promotions was asked to share his thoughts on what ROH’s lasting legacy will be if the promotion does in fact close it’s doors for good.

Shane had the following to say:

I mean, I think you just nailed it. Right. It has been the most influential company over the last 20 years. Not only as far as innovating wrestling style, but as far as producing an absolutely insane amount of talent also. Like there’s a whole company based off of Ring of Honor talent, you know. I mean you look at just about every major company right now, and some of your top guys if not a good 40% of maybe your top guys on your roster have Ring of Honor (ROH) ties. So I think when you look at it from that aspect, it very much cements the legacy of everything that everybody’s done that’s walked through those doors.

You can check out the full interview here.

Do you agree with Shane Taylor’s comments about ROH and it’s legacy moving forward? The promotion has certainly been responsible for developing and introducing us to some of the top names in the last 15 years of the industry. Names such as Adam Cole, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan The Young Bucks and many more. Hopefully we have not seen the last of ROH and the company will open it’s doors again in April 2022.

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