Shaquille O’Neal Asks John Cena For Feedback On His Match With Cody Rhodes


Shaquille O’Neal was looking for some feedback on his AEW in-ring debut when John Cena appeared on TNT’s NBA post-game show. Cena responded, but it might not have been the answer some fans were expecting. Understandably so, Cena is very loyal to WWE so he danced around the question and avoided mentioning AEW. Cena claimed that he’s been sequestered in a bunker but he had “heard” that Shaq made his in-ring debut and he turned it around by asking Shaq how he felt about it.

Shaq said that he was caught off guard and was slammed by Cody Rhodes into a table. Shaq also talked about being a wrestling fan while growing up. Cena took time to promote “Wipeout” on TBS and “Suicide Squad” on HBO Max before complimenting Shaq for being part of the Mount Rushmore of Sports Entertainment.

He added, “It’s a shame that you were born so large and so gifted on the basketball court because you could have been something in WWE.” A clip from Shaq’s match in AEW was played during this segment so if Cena truly had not seen it before then this would have been his first time seeing Shaq take the table bump. Click below to check out Cena’s response to Shaq.

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