Shawn Daivari Explains Why He Walked Nick Aldis To The Ring At All In


Former WWE and IMPACT Wrestling star Shawn Daivari was recently interviewed on the Pancakes and Powerslams podcast. During the interview, Daivari explained why he walked Nick Aldis to the ring at All In:

“When Nick started in TNA, that was like his first full-time gig and anyone with two eyes that have been in the wrestling business saw that he had just like as much potential as we saw at¬†All In,” said Daivari. “He could be a headlining guy with no question about it. But, [he] was like new to television.

“It went from independents to TV and it’s just a whole different ballgame and no one has taken the time to get him up to speed. Everyone was kind of like, oh, he’s new, he’s inexperienced, he’s whatever. And I was like, well everybody is at first. And then me and him became good friends, we traveled together, we rode together.

“Actually, I was very lucky when we got to go on a European tour and I got to work with him most nights like in a row, so every time I could do something, get the feedback, try it again the next night, get the feedback. And it’s just something that kind have been engrained in me since, actually [Tommy] Dreamer was on Cody’s side, I look at Dreamer as a guy like that.

“Regal is a guy like that with me. The Dudley Boys, Stevie Richards. When you’re new, no one really signs you up, and now you’re off to the races. Some of the guys take the time out of the day to help you, and I’ve always done that for anyone who cares to ask or who I see potential in.”

You can listen to Pancakes and Powerslams by clicking this link here.

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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