Shawn Michaels Discusses His Party Schedule In 1990s, More


Speaking on the “Games With Names” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels commented on the time he and Scott Hall got Kevin Nash to stop doing leapfrogs during his matches, his party schedule during the 1900s, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On his party schedule in the 1990s: “Well, look, we made time for that. By all means yeah, there’s certainly — the one thing is there was always after the show. And so, clearly at this point in my career, I was at least good about waiting until after the show. I would get to a point to where it was any time of day if I felt like it. But no, it was — you know, you mentioned it earlier, it was kind of a rockstar lifestyle. It could be a lot of fun, and you could be obviously the life of the party, a pretty popular guy. It was not a bad gig, shall we say.”

On Kevin Nash’s leapfrog: “Well so, yeah. We used to bust each other balls over all sorts of stuff. You know, only stuff from an in-ring standpoint was — I don’t know, stuff that we would tell one another like, ‘Dude, don’t do that again. That’s brutal, that sucks.’ You know, Kevin Nash, big old huge guy. And I thought it was cool that he could leapfrog, you know what I mean? And so to watch this big dude leapfrog — and I had him do it in a couple matches. And then one time, we’re driving down the road and Scott Hall’s in the back seat and he’s like, ‘Hey let me ask you a question.’ And Kevin and I are up front and we’re like, ‘All right, what is it?’ ‘How come the biggest guy in the company avoids contact?’ And we sat there and thought about it, I was like, ‘Hey you’re right.’ I said, ‘Kevin don’t ever leapfrog again,’ you know what I mean?”

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