Shawn Michaels Discusses His Rivalry With Triple H, 2K15


The Miami Herald has posted some
from a recent conference call with Shawn Michaels to
promote the new WWE 2K15 Rivalries mode. The call took place on Monday and HBK
discussed the game and his rivalry with Triple H. HBK said:

“To be four years removed and have the opportunity to be
a major part of WWE 2K15 as one of the 2K Showcase rivalries with Triple H is
very exciting for me. It was an amazing return. My return from a four-year
absence in 2002 and to have all that chronicled now in a videogame is nothing
short of pretty cool for a guy that hasn’t been doing it for a while. I’m
excited about that.

No secret he (Triple H) and I are extremely close. We’ve gone full
circle. That’s something I think this rivalry is going to show. We came back
after the four year absence and were going to get DX back together. It was
something everybody wanted the feel-good moment. Then of course he turned on me
like the rabid dog he is. The amazing thing to me and thing I always enjoy about
that rivalry is it was two years. That is a hard to do. There is so much that
happened in that two years, and these people are going to get to play through
every aspect of it’s going to be amazing what folks are going to be able to do
in this game.”

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