Shawn Michaels Discusses Ric Flair Match At WrestleMania 24, Drew McIntyre


WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels spoke about various topics in an interview with in promotion for the Marine 6 that is now available. Here are the highlights.

Drew McIntyre:

“I think Drew is doing a phenomenal job,” Michaels said. “He was a guy (that) had been in the WWE before, but then went out and just felt like he needed to grow. He needed to get more experience, he needed just try something different. He felt like what he was doing wasn’t working. And he went out and he did that. Then (he) came back through NXT, was a guy that did not have to be here at the Performance Center on a regular basis,” he added. “But he still came down here, came and sat, certainly in our class, took part in it. He made the most of the opportunity that he had.”

The Ric Flair Match At WrestleMania 24:

“So that was… I guess you can technically call it scripted,” Michaels said when asked if his line was planned ahead of time. “But it was scripted by me. It’s something like every WrestleMania I’ve had, I’m either laying around or something comes to me. In this particular instance I woke up at two o’clock in the morning and all of a sudden all this stuff came to me. And so I just started writing it down and then I came to the end and that what’s came down on the piece of paper.”

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